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Pricing Your Home Correctly

Pricing to Sell - The MJB Strategy
The art of selling a home is the art of pricing to sell. This expertise is simple but hard to find and I consider it amongst my strongest skills. An inflated listing price on a newly launched property can kill natural momentum in as little as 2 weeks. It is possible for a strategic downward adjusted price to bring a listing back to life but a “price refresh” will never reestablish that new listing luster. There are times when potential clients disagree with my informed price opinion. But more times than not, if they select a different agent promising more than the market can accommodate, I typically get a call once their listing expires. With the correct price, I turn around and sell within 30 days. Confidence in your agent is essential, select a seasoned professional who champions the ultimate goal with an experienced perspective.
My strong pricing strategy must be paired with another critical factor - property condition. This too requires collaboration. I assess the home and always recommend sellers declutter, even rearrange furniture to highlight specific standout features. You’ll find me rolling up my tailored sleeves to literally do the heavy lifting alongside clients and friends! I encourage my sellers to let me be the eyes of the buyers and communicate based on what I know they will gravitate towards and reflect on. I have a clear vision that the sellers may have lost due to emotional attachment to the property. That vision is what facilitates a fast sale. I prefer neutral backdrops with pops of color through accessories, art, and rugs. If vacant, I’m a proponent of staging in the main living areas and master to encourage salability. If that’s not possible, I have had success with “virtual staging” which provides beautifully finished images for buyers.
My showings have a smooth flow to them. The reason for that welcoming environment is that I insist sellers/residents EXIT before the appointment. In my experience, I find that the real buyer wants to open closets, kitchen cabinets, and take a seat in the media room or by the pool to feel what living there really feels like. Free from the watchful eye of the seller, they can transport themselves into the owner mindset. With a healthy selling environment, a comfortable buyer is usually a step away from an offer. 

I have been selling real estate in our area since 1993 and have been a resident of Miami-Dade since 1969. I am consistently in the Top ½ of 1% of all agents nationwide based on total sales volume. Let my expertise work for you. Contact me for a private meeting and I will take care of the rest. The best way of reaching me is at (305) 444-7224 or you may email me at



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